The Bowsie Foundation is an initiative set up by Shortstraw as a means to support animal charities in South Africa. Al’s love for dogs inspired the regular use of dog iconography throughout our career. With us often practicing in Al’s house for many years, we all became close with his dogs Bowser and Killah, our band mascots, the ones who had to tolerate us the most!

It came with great sadness to find out that Bowser had unfortunately passed away while we were on tour in Europe in May this year. This incredible being deserves to be honoured in any way possible, and thus she will get her own song as part of our Those Meddling Kids collection of songs. ‘Bowsie’ was released on all digital platforms on Friday 6 Jan.

Inspired by her and the song, we have set up The Bowsie Foundation as a means to do what we can to help support animal charities.

The Bowsie Challenge

Montego Pet Nutrition have said that they will donate R1 to the foundation for every view the Bowsie music video gets on Youtube for the first 15 days, up to R15 000. So thats the challenge folks, we have 15 days, to get 15 thousand views, to get 15 thousand Rand donated to animal charities.

We got to know Montego after our friends made the advert for them below, and asked if they could use Good Winter as the music in it. So when it came time for us to try find someone to get behind the campaign, we naturally went to them first.