1. Describe who you are, what do you, and what you hope to be doing more of

Peter Claassens Artist/Illustrator. I’m a visual thinker I see shapes, colour and light. Mostly I make use of psychoanalysis and techniques for my art. Its all about the self discovery and the journey that follows with in that. I’ve just worked on my first solo exhibition up at No End Contemporary Art Space. I’m working with a hand weaver based in Pretoria trying to find a way of translating my work and illustration into tapestries and so forth. In future I plan on combing weaving/tapestries with ceramics and fine art. Im also collaborating with a friend and illustrator working on a small show and some mural paintings.

2. What was your relationship with Shortstraw before this?

I had no personal relations with Shortstraw prior to this collaboration, other then knowing the music and sound they produce.

3. What was your process and inspiration in making what you did?

The process aimed at encapsulating a liminal moment between a start and finish. Also the consideration of space between two points, it presents a self-reflexive journey. Where the composition emerged through a process of obsessive mark making whilst meditating on insignificant moments in pursuit of no end. The work becomes a representation of advancing, meditating, obsessing.

4. what are the best places on the internet we can list to show off your work?

Instagram : @peterclaassens_

This is my favorite online platform because it is so accessible. Snap something and post it. Ive also been part of exhibitions that made use of online platforms like instagram to post progress of work produced for an exhibition. On this account of mine you can find artworks, what I keep myself busy with and all that crazy stuff. Its also the most current and up to date online profile I have.

Behance : www.behance.net/PeterCLaassens

I consider this platform too much of a drag to keep up to date. Though it is a very versatile profile. Here you can some of my earliest work and work I produced while studying.