1. Describe who you are, what do you, and what you hope to be doing more of

Above all I consider myself a creative. My journey with music began when I was 11 and my dad, also a drummer, bought me my first kit. Throughout high school I studied jazz classically and played in kinds of bands. I also became really passionate about drama and one memorable moment was in grade 9 when I simulated masturbation on stage at my pretty traditional high school. It was super artistic, I promise. 

When I got to uni I moved into radio and had a lot of success quite quickly in campus radio. After 2 MTN Radio Awards and winning a DJ search I landed my gig at 5FM at 23. After about a year of finding my feet I realised the power of my platform to be a part of showcasing real talent and content in a commercial media landscape that in my opinion is generally pretty saturated with noise and vacuity.

I also realised that my passion for performing was too strong to ignore and so earlier in 2015 and decided to take DJ’ing seriously. This is what I’m planning on making a major focus going forward. I’ve built a home studio and have started producing again and trying to get my name out there with as many gigs as possible. I incorporate live percussion and my own production into my sets which are a combination of hip hop and dance.

I also want to keep going with radio, it’s a solid gig to have right now. I’m probably most proud of being able to get a bi-monthly 1 hour talk show onto 5FM called 5Talks. I really hope to see that grow in the future.

2. What was your relationship with Shortstraw before this?

When I joined 5FM in 2014 we had to shoot some promo videos to introduce ourselves to the market. On set I made mates with one of dudes who was filming. After we wrapped he very kindly invited me to come and drink with his mates. I was new to joburg and didn’t really have any mates so I was really amped. That night I locked myself in my apartment and wasn’t able to leave. I was worried that I was going to seem like a dick, but luckily Tom (Shortstraw’s guitarist) and I still became friends.

Being in the industry you’re going to meet most of SA’s acts, but you don’t always hit it off. The rock space is pretty friendly in my experience and Shortstraw were no different. As our paths crossed more frequently at gigs our friendship developed organically. 

3. What was your process in getting involved in the way you did?

Al called me one afternoon. I remember I was napping and he said he had a rad project he was hoping I would want to get involved with. I didn’t need to hear much more. I’ve always had respect for the content Shortstraw create and being a part of distributing something the guys were obviously really passionate about was a no brainer. Some logistical emails followed and we agreed on a suitable on air time to debut the singles. The rest is becoming history.

4. What are the best places on the internet we can list to show off your work?


Snapchat is probably my favourite part of the internet. I use to to show what my life is really like. I’m pretty privilege to be able to go to a lot of cool places and meet a lot of cool people and I dig sharing that.

You can follow me by searching @nickhammantime


Instagram is becomming my primary content hub. It’s the place I put everything I’m involved with. I’ve recently also started showcasing more of my music and my production process

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