1. Describe who you are, what do you, and what you hope to be doing more of.

My name is Dillon Harland I am an illustrator and designer, that loves to draw inspiration from every day life & diversity in SA. 

I am planning on doing a South African children’s story books as well as adult graphic novels that can be viewed and bought online. I am also looking forward too focusing more on fine art and exhibitions.

2. What was your relationship with Shortstraw before this?

I have seen them at many festivals and and know a couple of the band members personally.

3. What was your process and inspiration in making what you did?

I listened too the track, read the lyrics and drew from my experience of going too Thailand and meeting similar characters… In-fact, I was definitely one one of them at a certain stage in my life.

My process is really organic in the sense that if I feel something I just dive straight in. The rest as regards to aesthetics and such, sorts its self out as the process goes along.

As a play on a sense of fake spirituality and tacky western perception on Thailand & Thai culture. The Thai Buddha has been replaced by our South African character She is the absolute centre of her universe and is also surrounded and engulfed by her cheap thrills and dead end interests that consume her, ultimately keeping her in Thailand.

4. what are the best places on the internet we can list to show off your work?

Catch my work on Instagram HERE