1. Describe who you are, what do you, and what you hope to be doing more of

I am a creative photographer, artist and visual person, womxnist, shape shifter between the smaller Grahamstown creative scene, Johannesburg and Cape Town.  I’m a self-proclaimed liker of things.  A liker of chats. A coconut oil aficionado.
I spend most of my time deep-conditioning my hair, drinking Joko, and deep within the throws of Solange Knowles’ music.
From time to time I enjoy people. 

2. What was your relationship with Shortstraw before this?

I was introduced to Shortstraw at Keanu Reeve’s celebrity chef cookbook launch. We subsequently bonded over our combined affection for calamari chip roll’s, hummus and a shared dislike of Charlize Theron’s fake Hollywood accent. 

3. What was your process and inspiration in making what you did?

White men. 

4. What are the best places on the internet we can list to show off your work?

I’m rather shy so I don’t show off too much of my work,  but linking up with my everyday tricks on Instagram is fairly easy, via @kemo.wasabi.
Pull through with your baby hairs and vaseline. 


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